Healing MRSA in a toddler… Part 1.

Most of my family and close friends know that Maggie has CA-MRSA. Community acquired or not, MRSA is a terrifying thing to have your not even 2-year-old (at the time) diagnosed with. It’s very difficult to treat and it can at times be deadly. I’m highly convinced she got it from a certain organic probiotic baby powder that had been recalled shortly after we had used it. It was recalled “due to possible contamination with microorganisms, including some species associated with skin infections or eye infections.” I used it to help prevent her from getting a yeast rash after being on two rounds of antibiotics for an ear infection. Big mistake. I regret even putting her on antibiotics for the ear infection, because it could’ve been treated naturally. I just didn’t have much of a choice in the matter (which will be discussed in another post in the future.)

About a week after we began using the probiotic powder, Maggie ended up with a very painful, swollen, red lump on her bum, and she also had a high fever. I took her to urgent care, this was when we were still in the States, and she was diagnosed with an abscess and cellulitis. They said it was likely caused by staph, but didn’t swab her. They prescribed her amoxicillin, despite me being skeptical because it didn’t work for her previous ear infection. Sure enough, the amoxicillin did nothing. She was then prescribed bactrim, which did clear it up. All of the antibiotics caused her to have a horrible yeast diaper rash after she finished them. (Yes, I had her on probiotics!)

About a month after the last round of antibiotics, the abscess and cellulitis came back in the exact same spot, except it was on the other side. Another trip to urgent care, another diagnosis of an abscess and cellulitis. Another round of antibiotics. At least this time they knew bactrim worked, so she was put on it again. It cleared up.

Within a month, after struggling with a another stubborn yeast diaper rash yet again, I noticed it starting again on the side it originally started on. One more trip to urgent care before we moved to Canada, another round of bactrim. She finished that when we were in Canada. I think it was the end of March, early April.

Within a month again, she had another horrible yeast rash, and another abscess appeared in the same area. I took her to the local children’s hospital. Thankfully we got an amazing pediatrician who suspected MRSA, and he did a swab and said “if it is MRSA, antibiotics probably won’t help much. We need to break the yeast cycle.” Later that week, we got a call from the hospital confirming that it was indeed MRSA. The person said it tested sensitive to bactrim, or septra as they call it here in Canada, and sent in a prescription. I was very hesitant to give her antibiotics at this point, but when she started to get more symptoms like sleeping a lot, and lack of appetite, I chickened out and started her on the next round. Fortunately, we had just begun seeing a naturopathic doctor. She made me feel a lot better by telling me that antibiotics have their place, and we will be focusing on breaking the yeast cycle starting after this infection is gone.

While Maggie was on this final round of antibiotics, the ND gave her a homeopathic silica tincture to help drain the abscess. Within an hour of her first dose, it started to drain. She also gave her a higher quality probiotic powder to start using. We gave her lots of epsom salt baths to help draw it out and I started to alternate between applying tea tree oil and manuka honey directly to the abscess with every diaper change. Manuka honey is incredible stuff. Here’s a great article to learn more about it.

The abscess disappeared as per usual, but this time, it returned one week after she finished the antibiotics and it was in a new location. Shortly before this new abscess appeared, she was getting another yeast diaper rash, and I used black seed oil on it. It cleared the yeast up within a day! This time I was determined to not give her antibiotics, because clearly they weren’t really helping, like the doctor said they wouldn’t. The new location was up at the top of her bum crack, on the left side. It was still within the area that I had originally used the probiotic powder that had been recalled. I started to plaster the abscess with manuka honey multiple times a day, lots of epsom salt baths, black seed oil topically, and the occasional tea tree oil and colloidal silver rescue gel. This time, there was no fever, no fatigue, no loss of appetite. The only symptoms she had were the actual abscess itself, the redness and the pain. One other thing that has recently been added, her naturopathic doctor put her on a homeopathic remedy called ‘drainage milieu’ for lymph drainage.

We’re about a week into treating it 100% naturally and the abscess is almost totally gone. I’m very impressed with how well manuka honey and black seed oil have helped. I will update again in the near future.

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